Make loyalty & engagement part of everything

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an incredibly powerful tool, yet so many brands roll out the tool and then only use it for the basics. For Celebrity Cruises we wanted to change this and felt the Captain's Club loyalty club was the place to start.

It's a fact in the cruising world that a direct booking could significantly reduce a brand's cost of acquiring a customer and is why loyalty matters. Making a customer feel special through exclusive perks and benefits has proven itself for Celebrity Cruises, customers return again and again. But It's not just the perks or the holiday itself that seals the deal, in this day and age customers are more savvy than that. They expect to be treated better and feel they deserve the best experience every time they engage with a brand. Otherwise (and excuse the pun) they'll jump ship without looking back.

As the CRM agency for Celebrity Cruises it was routesix's job to help the marketing team engage Captain's Club members via the email channel. Now email marketing may seem like a small cog overall but it has clout and if done well it can achieve significant results. It is still the only marketing channel that enables you to communicate with customer directly throughout their lifecycle and if you leverage the data it can be done in the most cost efficient, personalised and unobtrusive way. And this is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes in. Through some clever logic and coding.

Here's what we were able to do:

Generate loyalty earlier in a customer's journey

Use loyalty points and tier benefits as a way to generate urgency to book

Personalised communications with the right information

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