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Updated: Mar 12, 2020

routesix have been very busy working with the Greenwich Peninsula Customer Services Team, helping them streamline processes and improve the overall customer journey. Here's why.

Greenwich Peninsula is a bold, original and eclectic development project in south east London. This transformation, London’s largest single regeneration, aims to provide 15,000 homes, 13,000 new jobs and bustling new communities, all wrapped up by the Thames.

After delivering a number of successful sales and marketing campaigns focussed upon the development's residential product we noticed that we'd been putting all our efforts into delivering a compelling brand message and a reason to live on Peninsula, yet once the sale was complete, what the customer then went on to experience was very different.

We have all been on the receiving end of brands who once a purchase is made they then seem to treat us as if we no longer exist. The travel, automotive and property industries tend to fall into this trap due to the long lead times experienced between purchase and delivery of their products, yet the level of commitment and price their customers have paid for the products associated should really mean they should be treating us like gods. In the fickle consumerist world we live in, this does nothing for loyalty or advocacy and is long term damaging to a brand. The problem is with businesses in these situations is that their post purchase communications and processes are still very manual and the information for each customer simply isn't easily accessible for them to do anything with! Having identified these issues within Greenwich Peninsula we were determined to make the change for the greater good.

We set about mapping their buyer experience from reserving a plot to moving in and beyond. Current letter communications have been given a complete makeover being replaced with personalised, sometimes automated, emails to reduce customer service team workload long term and ensure that all communications from the company are beautifully designed, consistent with their other marketing emails, and always conveying the professionalism and vision of the Greenwich Peninsula brand.

We also broke down the journey of buying a new home into various stages and communications, introducing new content and ways of delivering it. These stages included: regular construction updates; invites to attend informative and social evenings and home demonstration events; completion; and post completion administration. Creating these stages enabled us to set up their CRM (Salesforce) so that automated communications could be sent, event management was digitised and the customer service team notified of actions they should take at certain points in an individual's journey. The solution installed also enabled the marketing and customer services teams to segment and build audiences dependent upon a person's role in the purchase (e.g. 1st purchaser, solicitor etc), their buying stage and their preferences. Marketing could then ensure the buyer was receiving the right communications and was excluded from others. With cultural events and new developments regularly announced it was important to get this right so buyers were spoken to correctly.

This new digital and data led approach to Customer Services has not only revolutionised the way the team works making them more efficient but we've been able to create a hub of more engaging and interactive content used to keep the buyer engaged at the relevant points to them. The entire customer's journey is now seamless with cross department teams aligned and insight into customers available for the first time.

As technology evolves, even more opportunities to improve the customer's experience pop up throughout Greenwich Peninsula's residential customer journey. With the right foundations in place, we look forward to working with them to prioritise what's next and build a strong customer base for the future.

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